Hello, my name is Esther.

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I am a gently extroverted human being with great intellectual interest in the future of Internet, food startups, the decentralization of finance, designing cities around happiness, and valuing women’s work. For fun, I love to engineer serendipity (aka connect people) wax Balzac, and scheme on how to bring craft cider from Portland to Vancouver.

Professional achievements

My work in digital media and advertising has directly impacted OpenMedia’s online advertising strategy, proved to YVR Airport the need to target Chinese travelers via social media marketing, and is now helping Teehouse B&B, a luxury bed and breakfast in Kelowna,  keep more of its revenue by increasing its direct reservations through paid search and display ads on Google.  Download my Digital Advertising CV

Passion projects

I am a community builder by natural inclination. My personal mission and vision is to create a vibrant, resilient, inclusive, and meshworked social fabric in this city among the arts, culture, small businesses, and other idea incubators. You can often find me volunteering at local events, or organizing ones of my own. In 2014 and 2015, I coordinated the Vancouver show for RADAR Productions’ annual Sister Spit tour. If you want a helping hand on your event, e-mail me!

Where do the ultra-friendly hang out in the loneliest city in Canada? I personally recommend:

  • Pancakes and Jam, by-donation breakfast and bluesy living-room rock in the winter months
  • Doing a by-donation yoga class at Karma Teachers, particularly Ecstatic Yoga taught by Emerson, or Power Rock by Michael, both of whom are their founders.
  • Art Attack at the Waldorf, where you can win local art for $10 and break ice over crazy performative and interactive art pieces.

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