Hello, my name is Esther.

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I am a gently extroverted human being with great intellectual interest in the future of Internet, transformational festivals, food startups, the decentralization of finance, designing cities around happiness, and valuing women’s work. For fun, I love to engineer serendipity, wax Balzac, and scheme on how to bring craft cider from Portland to Vancouver.

Career background:
Sales, marketing, and communications for startups, specializing in payments and blockchain technology. Here I am in the Georgia Straight. I have also spent summer with YVR Airport’s incredible communications department. Right now, I’m doing probono web analytics work for OpenMedia, a non-profit that advocates for an open Internet.

Passion projects:
Event production with ADSR and UQ Productions. Hope you’re coming to Sister Spit this year! I’m also helping my family launch their luxury bed-and-breakfast in Kelowna.

Now teaching myself:
Wizard-level Excel, statistics, then Python, in that priority, because I really, really love working with data.

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